smartER-Care Engine

Right Care|Place|Time

First of its kind solution to use patent pending algorithms that take into consideration patient information and provider details to display a ranked list of appropriate care facilities to choose from. Seamlessly integrates into customer mobile applications and web portals.

  • Helps patients choose the right care at the right place and the right time
  • Backed by a team of expert emergency physicians
  • Foundation for a comprehensive feedback mechanism
  • Data analytics support for workflow optimizations and predictive modeling
  • Elaborate roadmap with feature rich enhancements

Employers and Payers

Better care for your members at a lower cost
Avoidable, commercially insured, ER visits every year
Cost difference between ER and Urgent Care Center
$ Billion
Total savings annually

For Providers

Better patient engagement and resource management
  • Let patients schedule online
  • Advertise wait times
  • Avoid network leakage
  • Send alerts, keep patients in the loop
  • Advertise peak and off-peak times
  • Seamless patient transfer between facilities
  • Manage your resources intelligently
  • Increase patient loyalty
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Load Balance

Balance patient volume between different facilities of your network. Divert low-acuity patients to in-network urgent care centers for faster care and better patient satisfaction.

Keep Patients in Network

All the facilities belonging to participating health networks will be grouped and highlighted. Patients searching for care options will stay within your network.

Off-Peak Times

Advertise your peak and off-peak times for patients to choose from. Give them the choice to select a convenient slot. Balancing the load across the day is a win-win for the patients and the staff.

Resource Management

Know what is walking into the door. With our dashboard see who is coming in when and with what symptoms. Get the patient's demographics, insurance details and other useful information ahead of time.

Patient Engagement

With patient paging, customizable SMS text messages provide instant updates on wait and location status, reducing patient anxiety, improving satisfaction, and streamlining patient flow.

Automatic Check-in

Create a more efficient check-in process for patients and staff with automated systems that improve workflows and throughput. Self check-in kiosk with proximity detection, ID scanning / swiping result in better patient experience.

For Patients

One answer to all your questions

When you need care in an urgent, non-life-threatening situation, having a choice is good. But it can get overwhelming when there are too many moving parts. Our panel of expert ER physicians and health care executives put themselves in your shoes to bring down the variables from a million to a handful. We are here to help you take the guess work out and instead concentrate on a speedy recovery.

smartER-Care is the first and only comprehensive solution that uses a patent pending algorithm to combine patient information and health care service provider details to show a prioritized list of appropriate care facilities to choose from. We help, you choose!

  • Choose the right care facility
  • Minimize your wait
  • Check accepted insurances
  • Leave feedback
  • Checkout the ratings and read reviews
  • Choose your preferred health network
  • Notify loved ones
  • Hitch a ride
  • And a lot more...

Word Cloud

Know before you go

If you are seeking care for urgent but non-life-threatening conditions, it may not be necessary to go to an Emergency Room. Going to an urgent care center may save you time and money while getting a better quality of care.

Minimize your Wait

Let us not take "waiting room" literally. We know you have better things to do. Checkout the wait times at our participating facilities before your visit. You can even reserve a time slot ahead of time to minimize your wait.


Accredited urgent care centers confirm to a certain set of minimum requirements so that you are treated properly. Your insurance provider may not reimburse for your visit if the facility is simply called one but not really an urgent care center.

Ratings and Reviews

Closest or the fastest facility may not always be the best option when you need the best care. Check out the ratings to make sure you pick the right one. Driving a little farther or waiting a few more minutes may be worth getting the care you deserve.

Stay Tuned

Get timely reminders and alerts via push notifications and/or text messages. Our participating facilities can even send you critical alerts such as situations when an unforeseen emergency may cause longer than anticipated wait.


Leave a feedback for the facility you have visited and help other patients select the perfect care setting for their needs. Let us know how long you waited before being seen. This information can assist in predicting better wait times.

Patient Profiles

Create patient profiles with demographic information. Save your insurance details. You can take a picture of the insurance card for convenience. Select a profile and search for personalized results.

Preferred Health System

Set your preferred health system and get all their facilities highlighted. Stay within the network you trust.

Coming Soon

Telemedicine, integration with Apple Healthkit, support for Siri and Alexa, Suopport for Apple Watch / Android Wear, Checkout pharmacies following your visit and a ton of other features.

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