You are unwell and need care ASAP. Grabbing your car keys and driving to the nearest hospital may not be the best choice. Several search results without any indication of the most appropriate choice does not help either.

smartER Care is a proprietary algorithm based ranking tool for Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Centers to help you chose the right care setting in every aspect. Not just search and pick but also take advantage of several rich features supported by our partner Health Networks.

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Result of several years of extensive research and data analysis from one of the most diverse demographics is a novel, Artificial Intelligence based image processing solution to evaluate pathological renal fibrosis.

- Fully automated and objective diagnosis
- Cloud based solution enabling access anytime from anywhere
- Helps in devising more precise and accurate treatment strategy when compared to the existing approaches
- Predict kidney survivability
- Predict clinical phenotypes

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Our team is a combination of successful entrepreneurs, inventors, academic researchers, physicians, and highly skilled Software engineers with a cumulative experience of over 100 years in these fields. With these diverse backgrounds and a unified ambition, we intend to create best products for a better future.


Keep it simple; make it powerful.


A perfect combination of different wireless technologies and Machine Learning to create a versatile platform and provide powerful and economically viable products and solutions for the healthcare industry.

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